Food & Life in Florence

Daily life in Florence, for me, involves a lot of class, walking around Florence, and is pretty standard day to day – not enough happening to fill entire posts dedicated to just one day usually. But here’s a glimpse at this week in Florence (note how my main interesting event of the day is just eating at different places for dinner… lol). I guess this post mainly serves as food recommendations in Florence!

Today I got dinner from Amorini Panini e Vino, located very close to the Duomo, and ordered Il Magnifico, which was finocchiona and eggplants on focaccia bread. I’d highly recommend trying this type of salami that is cured with fennel and is a local specialty in Florence.
As part of a NYU funded event with our residence hall manager, my friends and I got dinner from Pino’s panini shop. We got to talk with our residence hall manager as we ate and learned about his interesting life as a Colombian living in Italy and his general perspectives on Italian life and working at an American university abroad site. Moral of the story: talk to adults whenever possible, especially those who choose to work with students!! They’re so wise and more than willing to share their experiences and knowledge.
After my one class in the morning, I got arancini for lunch from Ará and attempted (read: failed) to cut a whole fresh mango that I bought last week at the market… Caitlyn learning real life skills: 0, mango: 1.
My friend and I got dinner at Brac, an adorable little restaurant that is hidden in a bookstore! Their menu is fantastic, allowing you to order a “piatto unico” for only €15, and it includes a sampling of three items: salad, pasta or rice, and a “carasau” which is a type of Sardinian flatbread. My friend and I both opted for the  exact same choices: carpaccio di avocado (since we were both missing avocado in our diets SO much), potato and gorgonzola tortellini covered in pumpkin sauce, and a carasau with eggplant and buffalo mozzarella. Hands down one of the best, most affordable meals I’ve had in Florence.

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