Taste of Slovenia: Top 10 Things to Try

Slovenia isn’t the first European country you’d think of when thinking about amazing, exotic local food. Really, Slovenia is one of those countries that’s not really on anyone’s radar, neither for food nor bucket list-worthy scenery. The unique and delicious food in Slovenia is enough of a reason to make a weekend trip to its capital of Ljubljana, especially if you’re studying abroad in nearby Italy! 
Here are the top 10 Slovenian specialties to try:


This pastry made out of sweet yeast dough rolled up with different fillings – usually poppyseed, honey, nuts, tarragon, and raisin. It’s is a perfect taste of traditional Slovenian pastry, best paired with a hot drink since it’s a bit dry on its own. 

Bled Hot Chocolate

Pictured above alongside potica, this was hands down the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Warm melted chocolate mixed with walnut liquor and cream that’s so thick, you need to tip your cup back for a few seconds for the last drops to slowly trickle out. Need I say more?


Bled Cream Cake

Heavenly and extremely filling. Basically two types of heavy cream sandwiched between two very thin layers of pastry. Get this at Bled Castle and enjoy it alongside an incredible view! 

“Game Plate” 

If you’re looking for a sampler platter of typical Slovenian cuisine, check out a restaurant called Sokol, located right in the heart of Ljubljana. They have soup in a bread bowl (unfortunately so popular it was sold out by the time I had dinner) and a platter with a variety of popular meats and sides in Slovenia: deer medallions with sour cherry sauce, stag stake with porcini mushroom sauce, wild boar with green pepper, cheese rolls, dumpling, and polenta.

The “Game Plate”


The savory dumpling (on the right side of the plate pictured above  – looks more like a roll of bread than a typical Chinese dumpling) was a great compliment alongside all the meat. 

And Sweet Dumplings!

Probably my favorite food I tried in Slovenia! There’s an amazing shop right in the center of Ljubljana called Moji Struklji with over twenty different flavors of these traditional Slovenian dumplings. I opted for milk chocolate with banana and coconut with white chocolate. Honestly, I thought about bringing another few home – they’re THAT good. Super filling though, so come ready to eat one with an empty stomach. 

Štručka Sirova (cheese bread)

These remind me of the Georgian cheese breads (check these out if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Really good savory taste and great for a snack in between the other sweets of Slovenia. 

Slovenia wouldn’t bee Slovenia without…

Honey products! Four in every thousand Slovenians are beekeepers – that means about 500,000 beekeepers in the country! It’s no wonder they have so many amazing and unique honey-based products. 

Honey Brandy

I don’t think I’d had brandy before coming to Slovenia but I completely fell in love with their honey-based brandy. It’s super sweet, barely tastes like alcohol, and makes you feel all warm inside right away – instantly my new favorite liquor. 

Honey Cookies

These sweet cookies that remind me of Lady Fingers are infused and glazed with honey. They come in a few different flavors and are great to take home to family and friends after a long trip since they won’t go bad.

Fresh Slovenian Honey

Super sweet, thicker and more like jam than usual honey. Can’t wait to use this on toast when I get back to the states!  

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