The Hidden Beauty of Slovenia

Slovenia isn’t a country on the top of many people’s travel bucket lists – but it should be! Ljubljana, Slovenia is a perfect destination for a weekend trip, and I’m so glad that I made a last minute decision to go when I ended up cancelling my Barcelona trip due to the unrest in Catalonia at the time. My trip to Slovenia was my first solo travel experience and I don’t think I could have picked a more perfect place for my first solo trip – Slovenia had so much beautiful nature to immerse myself in and such friendly people to converse with. 
Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia
After taking a midnight overnight bus from Florence, I arrived in Ljubljana (pronounced Lee-oob-lee-ah-na – the j is pronounced basically like an i) at around 6:30am and walked to my hostel, Hostel 24, to be picked up for my full-day tour at 7:15.
My tour, run by Nature Adventures, had a packed itinerary that included all the major attractions outside the city of Ljubljana: Vintgar Gorge, Lake Bled and Bled Castle, Predjama Castle, and Postojna Cave, with a friendly guide who drove our intimate group of 8 around Slovenia and explained the history behind all the tour stops throughout the day. My guide Tara, was fantastic and very sweet, and my tour group was great – there was a middle-aged couple from England, a fellow travel blogger from Madrid, a business traveler from Boston, and a group of Scottish men who were in town to see the Slovenia vs Scotland football game. It’s ironic that I haven’t been to Scotland yet but I have now seen a plethora of kilts just because I happened to be in Slovenia at a time when thousands of Scots flocked to the Slovenian capital for a football game.
The first stop on my tour was Vintgar Gorge, a beautiful hiking path through a gorge alongside a gushing river of the clearest blue color I’ve ever seen. 
Next, we headed to Lake Bled, the main attraction of Slovenia heralded for its fairy tale-esque beauty. 
We then headed to Predjama Castle, the only preserved castle in the world that’s built in a cave. 
Our last stop was Postojna Cave, one of the most famous caves in Eastern Europe. 
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After this – my first solo travel experience – I can truly attest that the following quote is true:

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