The STUDY Part of Study Abroad

Traveling is definitely the highlight of study abroad but it’s impossible to ignore the actual studying component of study abroad: today I had my first midterm abroad. 

My midterm for Financial Accounting was actually easy, and I only spent the previous two nights reviewing for it so it fit in perfectly with my travel schedule. However, this was probably only the case since I had already taken Managerial Accounting in high school – I’m definitely going to have to put in some more time to study for my midterms in Italian Politics and Operations in two weeks since those subjects are more foreign to me and involve a bit more practice. 

It’s really interesting for me to reflect on how I can afford to spend entire weekends traveling and not doing work while I’m abroad, yet I seemed to be constantly swamped with homework back home at NYU in New York City. Perhaps it’s because the classes are genuinely easier and less work-intensive out here, or perhaps it’s because during a normal week in New York City I’d be trying to take advantage of so many amazing things going on in the city that would eat up the equivalent amount of time to traveling. 

Regardless, my time abroad has taught me to be a master of time management, even finding time units as small as five to fifteen minutes to be productive and bang out part of an assignment with the incentive of traveling and being able to let lose on the weekends motivating me to power through and focus at all times. 

Right after my Financial Accounting midterm,  I felt a small bit of relief before heading home to study for a second night in a row – this time for an Italian quiz the next day. Italian comes pretty naturally to me since I’m almost fluent in Spanish, but I want to really push myself to learn Italian as well as possible and as much as possible during this semester, so I try to dedicate as much time as possible to study of the language.
To take a break from my Italian studies, my friends and I went out for a late night gelato run to one of our favorite gelaterias called Edoardo, located only a few minutes away next to the Duomo. Gelato is the perfect pick-me-up and energy boost and I’m going to miss it so much when I’m back in NYC – the irony is that there was a rather good gelateria (Amorino) around the corner from my dorm last year and I didn’t go once because of how expensive it was, while in Italy it’s so cheap that there’s hardly an excuse not to go get gelato at any time

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