English Brunch & Tea at sketch

After first seeing pictures of sketch, a restaurant with 2 Michelin stars that is known for its aesthetic and opulent interior design as well as its unique and delicious food, I set my heart on dining there when I returned to London.
The sketch Glade dining room
The pink tea room at sketch
For my brunch, I ordered ried eggs with avocado and “sketchup” along with a “Buzzy bee” juice made with peach, pineapple, coconut, lime, and honey. My friends and I split a platter with avocado, grapefruit, pink Madagascan prawns, and wasabi mayonnaise. Everything I ate at sketch was so delicious and fresh and I could clearly see why this restaurant had two Michelin stars.
My actual fried eggs with avocado 
Avocado with Madagascan prawns
I figured I should also try some tea while in London so I ordered  a pot of blackcurrant and hibiscus tea, which was seriously the best tea I’ve tasted in my life.
As we were leaving, we went to the bathroom, which actually turned out to be a memorable part of our experience at sketch. It was decorated lavishly and had mirrors all around, giving it an Alice in Wonderland feel. 
After sketch, my friends who are studying abroad at NYU London wanted to go to a club fair for college clubs that they could join, and since I’d toured around London on two prior trips already, I just stayed with them instead of going off so sightsee since I barely get to see my friends in London. The club fair was massive and had a bunch of companies present giving out free things, including Spotify – my dream employer! I was ecstatic to get a Spotify branded winter beanie hat from them which I can’t wait to wear in their home base of Stockholm when I visit over fall break.
I said a bittersweet goodbye to my friends and headed home to Florence reflecting on my great weekend in London. I usually don’t classify London as one of my favorite cities since it’s a bit too large for my liking and not very different from New York, but I really enjoyed the weekend since I spent it in good company with my friends and family and also got to see two of my favorite artists in concert – my first international concerts!
Amazing sunset view from the skies

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