Seeing Lorde in Brighton!

Back in June when Lorde announced her Europe Dance tour, my friends and I knew we were going to be abroad during the tour so we picked a date to see the Melodrama World Tour together! The most convenient date ended up being Saturday, September 30 in Brighton, so I planned my entire weekend trip to England around this concert.
After sleeping in after our night out and missing the early trains, my friends and I got on our way to Brighton in the early afternoon and arrived around 5pm, getting dropped off near the waterfront. We then walked about 25 minutes through the town and up the hill towards our Airbnb to drop off our bags, and we passed by a few cute parks and the Royal Pavilion which was built in an Oriental-Gothic style that reminded me of the Taj Mahal. 
Our Airbnb was on a street with many narrow, brightly colored houses that reminded me of San Francisco. 
After we dropped off our belongings, we headed back down to the waterfront to check out the Brighton Palace Pier. It really was an inopportune day to be in Brighton since the weather was really cloudy, gloomy, and intermittently rainy. 
Brighton beach on this gloomy day
The pier was cute, but I imagine it is so much nicer in the summer and when the weather is better. We didn’t go on any rides but we walked up and down the pier, ate some fish and chips, and then got hot mini donuts to “Brighton our day.” 
My second time having fish and chips in a month… oops.. when in England!
I thought it was cool that the fish and chips stand had given me one of the new £10 notes with Jane Austen on it. 
It started raining pretty hard so we quickly walked over to the venue, Brighton Centre. The line was long since most of the venue was GA and people had been queuing for hours, but luckily since we had to pick up our tickets from the box office, we were able to go straight inside and skip the line, which definitely helped us in getting a spot close to the stage. 
The energy in the venue was electric and the concert was absolutely magical from the moment Lorde walked on stage to the clicking drums of Magnets until she stepped off the stage to the pulsing beat of Green Light as confetti rained down on all of us. It was such a happy, emotional, and fun-filled night with the entire general admission section jumping and hugging and dancing together – definitely one of the most memorable concerts I’ve been to. 

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