Taking A Rest Day

Although I initially planned to try to maximize my time in Italy by taking day trips within the country on Wednesdays when I only have one early morning class, I decided against going anywhere today and just remained in Florence to rest and recoup so I would feel energized and ready to leave for London tomorrow.
I came home from my one 9am class with the full day still ahead of me and did homework in our apartment’s kitchen/common room as the melody of accordion players on the street echoed through the open windows on this beautiful day. 
These accordion players are always on the street just outside our apartment, giving the perfect aura of Italy
I worked on catching up on various assignments and writing all day, then went to dinner at an Indian restaurant with my friends in the evening. We weren’t sure what expectations we should have from Indian food in Italy, but it was actually really authentic and delicious.
The Indian restaurant was decorated and really cute
I tried some new dishes I hadn’t tasted before, like paneer, chicken biryani with basmati rice, garlic naan and chai to top off the meal. We were all so full and so satisfied walking out of the restaurant.
Samosas, one of my faves
Possibly the best chai I’ve had
We returned to our apartment and, as usual, worked on planning upcoming trips. It’s essentially an ongoing activity – with every weekend being an excursion to a new country or new part of Italy, it takes quite a bit of time to figure out all the necessary logistics for each trip and to plan interesting things to see and do in each location. It’s exhausting sometimes and definitely time consuming, but so, so worth it. 

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