Same Old, Same Old  

 Today was another typical day attending NYU Florence. Tuesdays tend to be my most uneventful days simply because I’m in class or on campus for almost ten hours. Here’s a rundown of my Tuesday:
  • After arriving on campus around 8:30, I enjoyed my usual caffé latte and croissant while finishing my readings for Financial Accounting
  • Learned about prepositions in Italian (which are incredibly, seemingly nonsensically, complicated, at least in comparison to how prepositions are used in English and Spanish
  • Picked up my name tag for Ars et Fides, my community engagement activity that involves volunteering to give tours of the Duomo, and received the script in preparation for our training session next Monday
  • Learned all about adjusting entries and closing the books in Financial Accounting… so much fun!!! (she said sarcastically…) 
  • Had a tomato and mozzarella panini for only €3 – another weekly occurrence since I’m on campus all day on Tuesdays, and another instance of how cheap food is in Italy (which I still can’t really get over)
  • Learned about Italian political parties and how their party system drastically differs from that of the US
  • Discussed Mussolini, which I was now able to put into great context after traveling to Berlin this past weekend and after reading exhibits at the Topography of Terror all about WWII and the alliance between Hitler and Mussolini
  • Went to Mercato Centrale and went to the “i ravioli chinesi” food stand which features a fusion of Italian and Chinese foods – I got a crepe with beef, pork, and eggs that was really good and unique

  • Stopped at my favorite gelato stall in Mercato Centrale to get Banana & Chocolate and Panna Cotta gelato, as well as two bottles of fresh juice for later in the week – Banana e limone and Pera e vaniglia

  • Back at my apartment, enjoyed some bellini/mimosas (aka mellinis) with the prosecco and peace/orange/apple juice leftover from our cheap grocery haul in Croatia while we worked on homework and discussed upcoming travel plans 

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