The “Best Panini in Florence”

One of the most rated restaurants on TripAdvisor EVER is All’ Antico Vinaio, a panini shop located right in the heart of Florence. Naturally, I’ve been wanting to try it at some point during my semester abroad here, and the perfect opportunity arose when our residence hall manager arranged an outing for us to try a panini from the famous establishment free of charge courtesy of NYU.
We arrived at around 8pm and there was still a bit of a line – there always is at All’ Antico Vinaio. After about twenty minutes, we reached the front of the line and I ordered a panini called “The Boss,” which contained Prosciutto Crudo, Pecorino Cheese, and Truffle Cream. The sandwich was huge, and for costing only €5, I could see how this place has earned a reputation. 
I liked my panini, although I thought the truffle cream was a bit overpowering, but I thought the place was definitely a little overhyped – I don’t think I’d go back and wait in line again. 
After being unable to finish most of the panini, my friends and I walked down the street towards Gelateria di Neri, a place we had tried a few weeks ago that had great, unique gelato flavors. Personally, I thought the gelato was much more satisfying than the panini. 
Walking back home with my friends after getting gelato, some of us were in a bit of a silly mood so we sang Camp Rock songs and danced in front of the Duomo as we walked home. This is the life of young, dumb, broke college kids in Florence. 

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