In Depth: Croatian Food!

I truly had no expectations or familiarity with Croatian food prior to visiting Split, Croatia, but the combination of seafood dishes and amazing desserts really made for a great gastronomic experience in Croatia.
Our first night in Croatia, we ate at a restaurant called Apetit, where I ordered risotto with smoked seafood, and one of my friends commented that it tasted like a campfire, with the rich flavors of the smoked seafood really making it a memorable meal.
I tried a traditional dish called pastičada, which is a stewed beef dish cooked in special sauce and served with gnocchi, popular in Croatia. It is often called Dalmatinska pašticada because it originates in Dalmatia. I didn’t entirely love it since it was a bit too heavy and meaty, but I’m glad I tried it nonetheless.
On our second day, we tried uštipci – by far my FAVORITE new food we tried in Croatia. It’s fried dough that’s pretty similar to zeppoles. These Croatian food stands gave us the option to cover the cup full of uštipici in honey, chocolate, coconut, strawberry sauce, or a combination of the options.
For lunch on our second day, we dined at Konoba Sagitta restaurant on the island of Solta. I tried cuttlefish black risotto, which was incredible and I can’t recommend more highly. If you’ve ever tried squid ink pasta, this is similar – but better.
I also tried a traditional dish of green pasta with fresh seafood: a variety of mussels, scallops, and shrimp. This dish was also really good but really couldn’t top the cuttlefish risotto.
On our last night, we dined at Fife, a popular restaurant near the waterfront. I tried ćevapčići, a grilled dish of minced meat made into a type of skinless sausage. I described it as tasting like a hamburger in hot dog form. It was pretty good and I’d be down to get it again, preferably in sandwich form as they serve it in some other restaurants. 
We also got a plate of fried octopus with french fries which was incredible fresh and delicious.
Finally, we tried palačinke, a Croatian variation of a crepe. We tried ones with marmalade and chocolate, and although they were nothing like true French crepes, they were pretty good.
Throughout the trip, we tried various pastries from bakeries all around Split. Most tasted like regular cookies similar to ones I’ve tasted before, but one crescent shaped pastry filled with brown sugar was my personal favorite.

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