Average Day in Florence

Not much happened today; just an average day in my Florentine life:
  • Walked the 30 minute stroll to Villa La Pietra to get to school
  • Had my usual at the Villa Ulivi café: caffé latte and a croissant 
  • Went to my Intensive Elementary Italian class, where we had our first oral presentation
  • Picked up my receipt for my Permesso di Soggiorno, the immigration document that legally allows us to stay in Italy for the whole semester – the system is a bit broken and pointless since they gave us further immigration appointments in February but we are ending the semester and leaving in December, so we don’t even have to attend these appointments
  • Confirmed my participation in Ars et Fides for community engagement – I’ll be giving tours of the Duomo!
  • Learned about project management and crashing activities for becoming more efficient as a business in Operations Management 
  • Connected with some more recruiters to prepare for sophomore summer internships
  • Got a pizza with prosciutto and a vanilla cream cookie for dinner
  • Did some homework and textbook readings and planned for more upcoming trips 

As a pretty uneventful day, I didn’t even take any pictures today. But I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the city of Siena on my day trip on Wednesday!

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