Good Food and Good Luck

After another day studying Italian and Operations Management at NYU Florence, I headed back to the city center of Florence in the early afternoon to run some errands and recollect myself after a weekend of travel. I have a feeling this will become a weekly Monday routine: using my free time in the afternoons to get groceries for the week, record and reconcile my weekly spending with my budget, do my laundry, and re-energize myself after exhausting, but amazing, weekends of travel. Compared to a my usual Monday routine back home, I could totally get used to this. 
Today, I booked my train tickets from Florence to Pisa and from Pietrasanta to Florence so I could visit my dad’s half brother who was born and raised in Italy and lives in Tuscany. Since Wednesdays are my free days during the week, this trip to visit my uncle would be my first of many day trips within Italy. 
On my bus ride back from campus to Piazza San Marco near my apartment, I edited my GoPro videos from the Amalfi Coast together to make a cute video diary of the weekend which can be watched here
When I got back to the city center, I stopped to get free juice from Shake Cafe in Florence behind the Duomo, as part of a promo by a student travel company. Healthy shakes and juices are a nice reprieve from my carb-heavy usual diet of paninis, pizza, and pasta here in Italy so I’ll likely come back to this place often just so I don’t turn into a total ball of carbs. 
Afterward, I ran some errands at the nearby PAM grocery store and also bought a small notebook for recording my mental notes during class and for planning out my day from Tiger, a Danish store that is all throughout Europe and is very similar to a dollar store with both useful and random items for only a few euros. 
When I got back to my apartment after my trip to the grocery store, I saw I had a message request from a random guy on Facebook messenger – thankfully I opened the message, because it was a message saying that this guy studying abroad in Florence had found my credit card on the street. I immediately thanked him and we arranged to meet at Mercato Centrale where he was having lunch and where I conveniently had intended to go to today anyway to get some fresh fruit. We were able to meet up and I got my credit card back as I thanked him profusely. This is just one more example of the kindness of strangers and how I truly believe that what comes around goes around; if you are a good person all the time, good things will happen to you even when the worst case scenario (like losing a credit card while abroad) is completely possible. 
Since I was already at Mercato Centrale, I stopped by the fruit stands on the bottom floor and picked up some berries – another healthy luxury to help offset the carb overload of Italian food. 
Back at my apartment with my credit card thankfully in hand, I had a Skype with a Deloitte recruiter. It really made me think about how study abroad has definite pros but also some cons in term of keeping on track with professional pursuits and internships. It’s definitely hard to network and get more information from recruiters when having to coordinate with a significant time difference but on the other hand, studying abroad and being in a different country with so many new perspectives provides so much to talk about and makes me a memorable and interesting candidate, I think. 
In the evening, my friends and I headed back to Mercato Centrale for dinner where I tried a traditional Florentine street food speciality called Lampredotto, which is also known as tripe (or cow’s stomach). The sandwich was topped with a green sauce and the bun was dipped in the meat juice which made it extra savory and delicious. 
For dessert, I went back to the same gelateria that I tried on my first trip to Mercato Centrale and this time ordered a brioche bun filled with three different flavors of gelato, which was amazing and I totally would get it again. 
Back at our apartment, my friends and I made some further progress on planning logistics for our upcoming weekend trips, mainly focusing on our Barcelona trip during the first week of October to celebrate the birthdays of my two friends who were born in late September.  

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