Fun in the Capri Sun ☀️ 

To get to the island of Capri, you have to take a ferry from the Sorrento port, so we got up bright and early and headed to the port around 8am. After a short 25 minute ferry ride, we docked in Capri and disembarked the ship as the beautiful glistening blue water reflecting the sunshine. 
We took a small little mountainside tram car called a funicular to the upper level of Capri town, where there was a stunning view of the mountains overshadowing the houses and the water far below. 
Near this amazing view was a small stand known for having the best lemon granita in Capri. Naturally, I had to try one… and it definitely lived up to the hype. 
We walked around a bit and the smell of freshly baked waffle cones led us to a bakery that had these amazing lemon cookies called Caprilu’ Limone that seriously blew my mind with how good they were: soft, chewy lemon flavored cookie doughy core covered in powered sugar. My friend and I were so in love with these cookies that we came back to the bakery twice that day to get more, and we also found a recipe online to try to make them – updates to come on how that goes when we try to bake them ourselves!
Since the Amalfi Coast is known for lemons, we passed the first few of the hundreds of lemon themed gift shops we would see on our Amalfi Coast weekend. Limoncello, which happens to be my dad’s favorite lemon-flavored liquor from Italy, was EVERYWHERE, and in a variety of flavors: typical limoncello, creamy limoncello, meloncello, and even pistachio cream liquor. In Capri, a few limoncello shops also had Blue Grotto blue-colored liquor that tasted like soap (I wouldn’t recommend…). 
After walking and shopping around a little bit, my friends and I boarded a small bus to Anacapri, the highest town on the island of Capri. There, we took the Mt. Solaro chairlift to the very highest point on Capri, which offered amazing views of all around the island and the surrounding sea. The chairlift itself, a single person chair on a moving belt similar to ski-lift, was memorable in addition to the view since we got to gradually scale the mountain and see the city below us get smaller and smaller while our feet dangled in the air high above the ground.   
On the way up to the peak of Montesolaro
View from halfway up the mountain
View from the peak
Back in Anacapri, I had Caprese pizza (because, when in Capri…), and a panzerotto, which is fried dough filled with tomato and mozzarella. We also stopped at a gelateria where the gelato was super creamy and they had interesting flavors – one of the best I’ve tasted so far. 

My Caprese pizza
We made our way back down to Capri town in a bit of a rush to meet our afternoon tour by galloping down the stairs to reach the area near the harbor. Our tour group awaited us and then we all boarded small boats of about 20 person capacity to embark on a boat tour around the island of Capri. Unfortunately, the famous Blue Grotto, a small grotto that reflects light off the brilliant blue water, was closed that day since the tide was too high for boats to enter into the small cave. Nevertheless, our boat took us to some other grottos that they called the Green Grotto and White Grotto. Although neither of them were distinctly those colors, the piercing blue water surrounding Capri was truly the bluest I’ve ever seen.
As we continued to circle around the island in our boat, we were surrounded by the bluest shades of blue for as far as the eye could see on the starboard side of the boat while the port side featured breathtaking views of he cliffs and waterside houses of the island. We reached an inlet where we were able to jump off the boat and enjoy the pristine cerulean waters of Capri, and it was so much fun.

After our fun dip in the water, we retuned to the port and boarded the ferry back to Sorrento. On our bus ride from the port back to our hostel, we witnessed a gorgeous sunset.

Dinner provided by the hostel consisted of pasta and some interesting mystery meat and Nutella filled pastries for dessert. After dinner, we headed back up to our bungalow, where we thought we would get ready to go out to a bar for the night. However, sleep deprivation got the best of us and although some of my friends and I merely intended to take a short nap before leaving at 10:30, we ended up being so tired from our long day of travel the previous day that we just continued to sleep and stayed in for the night, which worked out for the best anyway since it started pouring rain around midnight.  

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