Learning How To Cook in Italy

After another early morning of Italian, I feel like I’ve settled into my morning routine already. I love being back in the swing of things and to be honest, I love being back in school and actively learning new things.  

My second class of the day was my other business class, Financial Accounting – although I’m not too interested in the subject, the teacher seemed interested in tying our lessons into real news and current events and seemed very chill in general. I’ve noticed that it seems to be a common trait of Italians to be laid back, providing a different classroom vibe than most teachers I’ve had in the US. 
After class, I did some homework then met up with my friends to go to a place called In Tavola, where we had an Italian Cooking Lesson courtesy of NYU Florence. We met our chef/instructor named Nicola then washed our hands, donned aprons, and got to work – chopping tomatoes, whisking eggs, cleaning mushrooms, rubbing garlic on bread, and more. 
Our final product was a three course meal – bruschetta with fresh, delicious tomatoes, two types of pasta (one with slightly spicy tomato sauce and one with mushroom sauce), and tiramisu. The food was fresh and tasted fantastic, and it was such a fun experience taking a cooking class with my friends, especially while an Italian chef was jokingly yelling at us for our lack of cooking expertise.  
My friends and I enjoying our self-cooked meal

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