First Stop: Iceland!

In freshman year of high school, my friend Amanda spontaneously decided she wanted to go to Iceland. Five years later, here we are – my three best friends from high school and I just landed in Keflavik airport, are currently on our way to Reykjavik, and could not be more excited!! 
This marks the first stop on my European adventure for the next four months – after spending a week in Iceland, I’ll be heading on to London to take a weekend trip to Norwich and Suffolk before continuing on to Florence to begin my semester at NYU Florence. I’ve been to Italy three times before – once with family to visit my dad’s half brother who lives in Tuscany, again with family to sightsee around Italy, and again with my hometown friends on a Euro trip during high school. Although it’s not my first time in Italy, I still couldn’t be more excited to actually live in Italy, immerse myself in Italian culture, and experience Florentine life in a city that was the heart of the Italian Renaissance. 
All packed for spending 4 months abroad!
But first, I’m excited to enjoy my week in Iceland with my best friends. We keep saying how surreal it is that we’re actually here – what started out as a joke of Amanda always saying she wanted to go to Iceland actually turned into us coming here all together, which is so crazy and amazing. 
We’ve got an insane week ahead of us with swimming in the Blue Lagoon, glacier hiking, swimming in the Silfra fissure between the North American and European continental plates, and more. I’m definitely going to try to motivate myself to document my travels each day, or as frequently as my schedule allows, on this blog since it’s not only a great way to record memories and experiences for myself but also to share with anyone else who might want to plan a similar trip in the future! 
If you’re reading this and have been to Iceland before, I’d love for you to message me or email me with any suggestions 🙂

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